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2018 Honda Fit Sport Review – Manuals, Saved

January 31, 2018 Chris Tonn 0

I’m on the record with my assertion that the minivan is the perfect family vehicle. A low floor and high roof combine to provide maximum space for both humans and cargo. For those who don’t need to haul five kids to Walley World every week, however, th…

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What Happens When Two Lyft Drivers Collide?

January 31, 2018 Jack Baruth 0

True story: when my pal “Creighton” decided to start using his Charger Hellcat for Uber, he called his insurance company and had them upgrade his policy to commercial status. Doing so pretty much wiped out any profit that he was going to ma…

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Ace of Base: 2018 Ford Expedition

January 31, 2018 Matthew Guy 0

Fifty thousand dollars is not exactly what springs to mind when one mentions the words “base model vehicle.” In fact, it’s likely to be precisely the opposite. Thing is, this series isn’t solely about el-cheapo wheels. Sometimes, it’s about those rare …